It’s been a while but we’re back with an awesome new update! You can now watch as your teammates’ code and navigate.

Watching a teammate will open their current file and show their caret as well as update the file in real-time as they type, scroll and select text. If they change files the new file will automatically open in your IDE.

There is nothing quite like seeing the code when trying to assist a teammate with a query. The watch feature builds on the live file view, adding multiple file support and making the cursor and selection visible. It’s great substitute for remote workers who miss out on sitting next to their teammates and watching their screen.

In order to watch a teammate you need the same repository in your current project as the teammate you wish to watch. If they open a file from another repository the live session will pause until they return to a common project file.

It is worth noting that the live file view has now been modified to only update per line change instead of per character change. We therefore recommend to use the watch feature when you need real-time updates.

Also note that currently you can not edit files together with the teammate you are watching, but watch out for this feature coming soon in a future update!

How to use the watch feature?

There are three possible ways to watch a teammate. First, you can start watching a teammate by right-clicking you teammate’s name in the Team window and select watch. My image Name A second option to watch a teammate is to open one of your teammate’s files and click watch on the banner that is located at the top of the open file. My image Name Finally, the watch feature can be trigger from the “Find Action” in your IDE and searching for your teammate’s name. Select your teammate’s name under the search results and the watch session commences.

My image Name

Be aware that if someone decides to watch you, a banner appears on the top of your editor stating the name of your teammate who is currently watching you.

My image Name

NOTE: As this is a major version update make sure your whole team upgrades, all team members need to use the same major version of the plugin otherwise you may find some features do not work correctly.