Today, we are excited to introduce GitLive :rocket: - the new name and brand for our code-collaboration software. While we have changed our name from TeamHub, we have not changed our goal of making developer collaboration and communication seamless.

Why GitLive?

The name GitLive was inspired by the real-time layer that we’re adding on top of git. Although incredibly powerful, Git’s retrospective transactional nature can make it challenging to collaborate on code as we write it.

How often did you want to be able to see your teammate’s local changes before answering their question? We want to get rid of feeling blindfolded, copy-pasting code snippets into IM conversations and tedious commit-push-fetch-merge cycles just to make code visible for discussion.

By turning your IDE into a collaborative space where developers can work together in real-time, GitLive is all about increasing your productivity. Check out more features on our blog

Everyone knows and likes Git, and we want to make GitLive a tool that is equally loved by developers due to its convenience. Moreover, we felt the name would resonate with our users as it conveys what we do - no more elevator pitch needed.

Check it out for yourself by requesting early access on our website. We’d love to hear your feedback :punch: